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The Rants + Rambles of an Unapologetic 30 Something Year old who is tired of people playing in her face.

When I share a piece of myself in the moment of transparency I want you all to understand something....

While I appreciate the love, support and the concern, I want it to be known that my purpose for sharing is not for sympathy. I share pieces of myself to let that person who may be going through that at that particular time for that "I" too have experienced trauma and made it through.

Understand, that it's not hard for me to share pieces of myself because I have already done the work to come to terms and accept the things that have happened in my life. I have learned to embrace not only my flaws but the things that I have endured as where necessary evils for me to grow. I am the woman that I am today because of the things that I have been through, because of the things I have witnessed and encounter throughout the my journey on this Earth. I would not be the woman that I was today if it had not been for those circumstances. My words would hold no power without experience.

At no point would I consider myself to be, by far, completely healed. I am no way perfect and I don't strive to be. I consider myself to be a proud semi-problematic who operates in the spirit of transparency because I don't ever want it to be that I have it all together, because I don't. I learn something new about myself every single day. Every day is still a struggle and some days I most definitely fall short. Some days, some weeks, some months I may revert back or relapse into old habits but I press on.

My journey is far from over. Every day is a new experience. And the lessons that I learned I share because it could just keep one person from experiencing the struggle I learned the hard way. 

I am not ashamed to share. I'm not scared to be free. I'm not frightened by being vulnerable. So you don't have to thank me (although it is appreciated greatly). If you want to thank me or show your gratitude, take my words along with my experience and apply it to your life. Apply it to your current situation. Apply it to a loved one's current situation. Learn from it. Start a discussion. Spark a conversation. Just talk about it. Because I can guarantee you there's at least one person close to you that is going through and needs to have the talk...




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