Memo 1: Stay In Your Lane

Memo 1: Stay In Your Lane

Staying In Your Lane

People get upset with me when I tell them that I am not going to discuss or debate a topic with them if they are not educated, working or have worked in a particular industry or niche. 

There are just certain topics and industry specific discussions that I refuse to have with people who are not educated in that field, have not studied in that field, and have no experience dealing with whatever it is that we are talking about. I have gotten into arguments with people who felt slighted because I flat out told them unless you have experience with what we are talking about I’m not interested in your opinion. And that’s not me being rude or saying that they can’t have an opinion, but when you are talking about certain things your opinion simply does not matter because there is a particular structure, there are guidelines, and there are ways that each particular industry works and unless you are knowledgeable of those things it is impossible for you to argue or have a discussion based merely on the facts.

I refuse to discuss mental health, with individuals who have never been diagnosed and treated or are currently treating. I refuse to discuss the plight of motherhood (specifically single motherhood) with individuals who are not mothers or acting as mothers. I refuse to discuss the plight of dark skin women with individuals who are not dark skin. I refuse to discuss marriage with individuals who have never been married. I refuse to talk about certain business topics with people who are not working in the field or not educated with the details of the field. 

Everyone has a lane. I believe firmly in staying in mine. I don’t go out of my way to discuss anything that I have no experience with, either directly or indirectly (through the experiences of those around me). 

Too many people swerving their cars in lanes with no blinkers. Use your blinker.


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