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The Rants + Rambles of an Unapologetic 30 Something Year old who is tired of people playing in her face.

#FACT: Media appearances are the fastest way to attract attention to your brand – both on and offline. 

The problem is most people do not know how to strategically position themselves and prepare their brands for media coverage. They do alright. They get by. But they never reach their fullest potential because they lack strategy and the right “story” that separates them from the rest of the digital pack.

This is a celebrity-obsessed society and when dealing with building a personal brand using social media there's a demand and requirement for transparency, good content and unique story telling. You want to be and need to be seen as an expert, you want to own your value, your expertise and the value of the work that you do because when you're seen as an expert the way people respond to you changes. We all know that experts make more money, period. When you're really seen as the expert on a particular topic you're able to help your clients and more people will be drawn to you wand listen to what you have to say.  When people listen, the media has a tendency to listen to because, well…they are nosey. Simple. The media HATES being out of the loop.  

The idea of being a source of credibility or being viewed as a “celebrity” makes a lot of people uncomfortable, especially women. Women have a tendency to down play their accomplishments, we've been conditioned to underplay and discount our own contribution, or maybe like me you're introverted, drawn to the spotlight and yet terrified at the same time which is the source of your resistance to creating celebrity around your intellect. 

My job is to give you insight into why content matters when attempting to attract the media and why it's so important to overcome whatever resistance you have to creating some celebrity and credibility for yourself. Of course, you get the benefits as well but the real reason why you want to create celebrity and credibility is so you can reach more people and expand your brand.   

When you're seen as an expert and you've got some celebrity around you, you're going to attract better quality clients and the caliber of media that reaches out to you will happily pay higher fees and adhere to you requests because when it comes to attracting attention, who you attract reflects the level of your self. 



I work with an assortment of clients from varying backgrounds and professional industries. Primarily, I work with clients who are ready to increase visibility and awareness for their already established businesses or brands. My clients already know what they want or need before connecting with and have a clear idea of what long term goals need to be accomplished but require a "second mind" and "working hand" to make it happen.

If you are in the beginning stages of building your brand or business, you are more than likely not at stage where you are in need a coach or a consultant. If you are still trying to figure out your lane, please feel free to take advantage of the free tips, tricks and advice I provide via my blog and social media channels.


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Introducing Viral Strategy Question Sessions with The Viral Strategist

As a Businesswoman, entrepreneur and full-time mom extraordinaire no one understands the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. I also understand the struggle of "not having it right now" which is a real problems that new and small to mid-size businesses encounter during the first 3 to 5 years of operation. Every business and/or brand needs a designated individual or team to help guide and direct the relationships built between the public and a company, organization or public figure.

So I am now offering VIRAL STRATEGY QUESTION SESSIONS for solepreneurs and new business persons.


Rates starting at.5o/word/500 word min.


Need a freelance writer to whip up blog posts, press releases, and other types of web content for your business? Let’s talk. 

I have worked with a wide range of organizations including Internet startups, advertising agencies, and various websites. From widely distributed press releases and blog posts, to targeted letters and video scripts, I ensure customer satisfaction in everything that I do.


The JR Media Group,llc/The VIral Strategist

Ready to start a blog? Want to draw more attention your website through crafty blog posts and catchy social media posts? Are you trying to build an authority level platform but are struggling to find a foot in the right direction? You need me.

Since 2010 I have been building and curating content to large number based social media platforms including entertainment, authors, beauty, fashion, law and health industries. From the bottom to the top I can I assist you with coming up with a clear and concise strategy to get you started in the right direction. Together we will take you from Aubrey to Drake.

The Viral Strategist was born sometime in 2014 from the couch of CEO and Head Viral Strategist Jennifer Renee after a very unintentional series of posts propelled her following from 200 to over 20,000 in less than a year. After quietly coaching individuals who came to her privately for assistance being "heard" and jokingly being referred to as "The Viral Strategist", Jennifer began offering full coaching packages to her growing followers. Thus was born, The Viral Strategist...

The Viral Strategist helps digital creators market their brands to their ideal market, effectively target their demographic and sell their stories through specialized content marketing strategies wrapped in creative content tailored to help them go “viral” online.

Founded on the principles of quality. taste and inventiveness, our team of writers, editors and content specialists work hard to push our audiences beyond the limits of modern critical thinking. Our platform connects individuals directly with prestige brands, giving a compelling 360-degree perspective on products, services and capable offerings bespoke products across all our partnered brands. We represent a rather large and diverse set of clients from multiple industries including sports, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and personal authoritative brands. Our clients share a common passion and dedication to their works and are each, in their own right, a leader in their current market. Our job is to tell help them tell their stories and show the world who they are.

No stranger to creating intoxicating content and wooing her audience with her gift for crafting dynamic content, Jennifer Renee obtained her B.S. in Media Communications with a M.S. in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. She has worked in the entertainment and lifestyle industry since 2012 and has worked along side of the hottest celebrities and brands. She is also the owner of Love My Black, LLC, the mother of one 10 year old and the cat mom to one Calico furbaby. When she isn't working with her team to create gag worthy brands, Jennifer can be found somewhere on Facebook stirring the pot…


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Available for podcasts and discussion panels

To some I'm an opinionated, overbearing pessimist. I prefer being described as a passionate AfroLatina/Black woman who stands firm in what she believes in. Extremely RAW Libra. A fan of facts. Pop Culture junkie. Intelligent Ratchet. Professional Pot Stirrer with a razor sharp tongue and a heart of gold. Unapologetic. Accountability Pusher. Anti-Hotep. Misogynist Slayer. Pro-Black Woman + Child.

I believe in order to truly change your culture, you must change your curriculum. Cultural and community strength starts with building wealth. In order to have wealth, you must be wealthy from the inside out, and create habits that build, attract, and sustain wealth - literally and metaphorically. 

I present topics relating to PR/Crisis/media management, misrepresentation of dark skin women in media, brandingsocial media strategy and etiquettebuilding a platform through bloggingdigital media marketing, sexual abuse/rape awarenessentrepreneurship, Black womens rights and more.

I’m happily available for interviews, expert commentary, and profiles. 
Please contact me to learn more and get in touch. Or you can submit an Interview Request.