Negus be trapping too.

Negus be trapping too.

When a man makes comments about you having his child, asks you to have his child and/or expresses to you the want for you to bare his children but has yet to commit, mention marriage or propose to marry you with a SET DATE (not just some one day bs) is what he is really saying.

"I want you to have my baby so that I can have easy and immediate access to you at all times whilst I go about my business and do me. You will be pregnant and since women typically have elevated sex drives during pregnancy (I paid attention in Sex Ed for that part), I know you will want dick. You can't go around getting dick from someone else while pregnant so...I will be your only option.

I am not ready (or willing) to rearrange my life/lifestyle to make you a permanent part of it, and I am too selfish to give myself to you fully, but I want you to be mine and only mine. Because I know that I am dealing with a woman who is wanted by others (better than me) I want to make it difficult for you to date or find someone who is going to love you and treat you the way that you should be treated. So, I am going to impregnate you and make you unappealing to any other male suitor, thus forcing you to "deal with my trifling ass" for longer than you should.

Being that you are carrying my child and I am "concerned for my childs well being", I will be able to question you whenever I choose, ask questions and dictate your every move keeping you from living and enjoying your life. You no longer belong to yourself. You and your body, so long as you carry my seed belong to me. And hopefully, during the next 10 months, I will be able to do enough mental and emotional damage to you that by the time you have my baby, you will be so far gone that the thought of being with anyone else or by yourself would be unthinkable because....who wants to be a single mom?"

Don't fall for it. Don't believe hype. If he starts asking/talking about kids then you need to start asking about wedding plans, social security numbers, paystubs, home loans and insurance policies.


Negus be trapping too.

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