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The Rants + Rambles of an Unapologetic 30 Something Year old who is tired of people playing in her face.
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I believe in giving something in order to receive. I believe in reciprocity so as a personal thank you for your continued support and financial contributions to my dreams of becoming one of your favorite writers writer, enjoy these free gifts and downloads. On me!


Advantages & Disadvantages of Change

Relevant Topics: Making Changes, Breaking Habits, General Life Coaching, Motivation

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Affirmation for Self-Confidence

Relevant Topics: Self Esteem, Motivation


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Viral Academy - $10/month

Our Viral Academy Coaching Division focuses on teaching how to perform identity discovery, how to effectively leverage social media for visibility,  guerrilla content marketing, PR and Media strategies for maximized visibility faith, brand positioning and storytelling, community growth and more.  Material is tailored specifically for independent and small business owners or digital media professions. 

Rewrite Your Life - $10/month

Rewrite Your Life™ - Sister Therapy with Jenn Renee & SPIMF is a signature women's writing sister therapy support system dedicated to the mental, emotional and conscious growth of Black women in America through the power of writing. We focus on creating doable action plans for life rehabilitation by establishing personal relationships with our community and developing customized life goal maps to help get you in the right direction. If you would like to make a love offering to Jennifer Renee and the SPIMF community, please visit the below link:

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