Content Planning: Tips to Planning Your Business Blog’s Content Calendar


I tell you all the time that content is one of the best tools you have when trying to attract your ideal client. It drives traffic, period.

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I tell you all the time that content is one of the best tools you have when trying to attract your ideal client. It drives traffic, period. Content provides your audience with the value and information they are seeking. With the proper strategy, content helps you market your business, products or services to the general public. It is an essential and necessary tool for online marketing success.

Content Planning

Content planning is the process of taking a look at your calendar and deciding what to write, when to write it and where to publish it. Content planning involves a few, if not all, of the below primary criteria:

▪️When will you publish the content?
▪️Where will you publish it?
▪️What will you write about?
▪️What’s the purpose of the content?
▪️What are your keywords?
▪️How can you re-purpose the content?

The biggest part of planning content is considering how far ahead you want to plan your content. Many online business owners take a tiered approach. They plan large content projects for the entire year. For example, they may publish a report each month. They also take a look at their content on a quarterly or monthly level.

If you don’t plan your content or are struggling to plan it effectively, consider the following tips:

▪️Use a calendar that gives you a big picture and you can write on. A paper desk calendar is a great planning tool. You can write your content ideas in pencil for easy modifications. Then, if you prefer electronic organization, you can transfer the paper plan to your Outlook or e-calendar.

▪️ Plan how you'll integrate your content into your marketing strategy. For example, you could decide that in March you're going to publish ten articles on article directories. You'll also want to make sure this content ties into any season or holiday.

▪️You'll also want to ensure it supports any new products or services. You want to make sure your content has a purpose. It may be simply to drive traffic to your website. Or it may be to drive traffic to a sales page or increase your opt-ins.

▪️Leave room for change. The best content plans leave room for inspiration. The greatest ideas often come out of the blue. If you're a stickler for your plan and don't allow room to add your content inspiration into the mix, then you're missing out.

▪️Finally, don't forget to take a look at how you can re-purpose your content. It's not only a great way to get the most return on investment, it can help fill content gaps.

When you plan your content, make sure you’re looking at both the macro and micro picture. Make sure you look ahead and take the entire year into consideration. At the same time, plan your content right down to the keywords and topics.

Planning your content for the entire year may take a day or two to accomplish but it'll save you tons of time down the road. Instead of wondering what you're going to write on, you'll have the answers all worked out. 

Best of all, your content will fit with your other marketing efforts to create a comprehensive business growth plan.

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