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The Rants + Rambles of an Unapologetic 30 Something Year old who is tired of people playing in her face.

Coming Fall 2019

One American Black girls journey navigating her way to self-love and acceptance.

I work hard to create an equal balance between life, love, business + femininity. The journey has been long and the fight continues to rage on, but for the most part I think I’ve got the jist of it figured out. As women, we get so consumed with nursing everyone else - and being the best in the room - that we forget that maintaining healthy lifestyles outside of everyone else is key to keeping us in tune with our star player - us. We forget that we are human, which means we fall short. We forget that we make mistakes and that is okay . We become so obsessed with maintaining this made up façade we’ve created around ourselves that we forget that the best way to represent yourself, is to be true to your self. It is my hope that by offering a piece of myself and opening my own pandoras box that I will not only begin the process of healing for myself so that I may move forward and continue to be the best that I can be. It is my wish that my words and shared experiences reach the eyes that need to see and ring in the ears of those who need encouragement. There are so many people walking around hurt and angry, carrying around burdens, secrets, pain and fear…and they talk about it. They feel alone. I get that. I feel like that a lot. The one thing that always seemed to help me get through, was talking about it….